Friday, March 25, 2011

Because I keep so many things inside


So many people just slip into it like a pair of pajamas...comfortable, room to breathe, relaxing, makes you feel like you're home.   

But what happens when "home" has never been a comfortable place for you?

What if "home" has always been something ugly?  

What if every haven you've ever sought has come with "sexual abuse"  "physical abuse"  "failure"  "rejection"  "disappointment"  "abandonment" "Fear"

For both of you?

What if the only person who's ever loved you....can't fix you?

That's where we find ourselves today.  On a journey to heal and repair.  Armed with the understanding that only YOU can fix you.  We'll take this journey hand in hand.  We'll pull each other up when we start to sink.   

But ultimately....

Who you are when you're alone is who you truly are.

I choose to be whole.

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