Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm so tired I can't keep track of what I dreamed and what is real.  The more tired I am, the more vivid and lucid my dreams are.  I have barely slept for about three weeks.  I've dreamed some crazy shit.    Like one of my good friends from high school died suddenly.   Then when I saw his status update on facebook I.was like "wtf....this guy is dead....i just went to his funeral"  and it took me a good ten minutes to sort out that it had all been a dream.  My dreams aren't wild and crazy when I'm exhausted like they are when I'm rested.   When I'm exhausted, I don't Dream that people are cats or that I'm married to any historical figures.  I dream ordinary day to day stuff.   Trips me the eff out.  Then i go to the store and I'm like "nope already bought shampoo"  then I get home and nope!  Bought it in my dream.   I need mental help.

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